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I can't thank you enough....

Maria K. (Scarborough, Canada)

Kelly I can’t thank you enough for your excellent care when I was going through IVF in 2012. I remember that I was very stressed with a lot of questions and concerns but you were always there for me. Your expertise eased my mind every time I was on the phone with you. You were always so friendly, kind and helpful! Our family is now complete with 2 beautiful and healthy twins. I can’t thank you enough! I truly believe that your expertise and passion can help anyone trying to have a complete family. We wish you and your family all the best.

Having Kelly by my side....

Ellen F.

(Toronto, Canada)

Having Kelly by my side through the IVF process put me at ease. The IVF experience is complicated and can be not only physically exhausting but emotionally. Kelly was great at bringing clarity, walking me through every step of the way but most importantly, giving me tips that assisted me to get pregnant. During one of our sessions, she mentioned that staying in and relaxing for a few days after the transfer helped her get pregnant and now going on my third IVF transfer, I realized I needed to follow her guidance to a “T”. After my third transfer, I took two weeks off and I’m so glad that I did – we now have our three-month-old baby boy. When we decide it’s time for our little Louie to have a sibling, I absolutely plan on reaching out to Kelly to guide me through. I am not taking any chances.

We didn't have to worry...

Brent A.

(Ajax, Canada)

Kelly was instrumental to our IVF success and becoming parents. As someone who has successfully gone through fertility treatments including IVF she has first-hand experience that guided us and provided real-life expertise on the process. Kelly removed all surprises on the IVF process and traveling in Greece. I cannot stress how important this is. With all that happens during the IVF process (combined with elevated hormone levels) making the process easy, fun and most importantly trouble- free is essential in creating an atmosphere for a successful fertility treatment. Working with Kelly removed all doubt and we didn’t have to worry about issues that would have caused us to worry.

Truly an amazing woman...

Oksana M.

(Etobicoke, Canada)

Kelly was a true blessing in my life, as I truly believe that God sent her to me, in the darkest moment of my fertility journey. I got married in my early 40s to the man of my dreams, just to find out that I had very low chances of getting pregnant. Unfortunately, over the years my family doctor never mentioned this fact to me, and the media provides a very distorted picture of the reality for women of my age. We got pregnant naturally on our first try; however, we lost our baby at 12 weeks. Then we reached out to 3 fertility clinics in Toronto, only to find out that after 3 IUIs we had no chances even with IVF and finally one of the clinics kicked us out because of my age and their age cut-off policy (yes, it does exist).


That was the moment when I was introduced to Kelly who became my lifeline. Her personal experience was instrumental in providing me with a very solid knowledge and moral support. She analyzed my case by consulting her team of doctors and she was very detailed in explaining different procedures tailored to my specific case. In addition, she provided great information on diet; cleanse, yoga, mental and physical preparation before becoming pregnant. Kelly is always ready to answer any questions and has more knowledge than some of the doctors I met. She is truly an amazing woman who believes more in your success than sometimes you do yourself. She is there with you to the very end. We are still in the process of getting pregnant, but I know deep in my heart that it will happen because of Kelly! She became everything to me - my closest friend, my coach and my hero!

Changed our lives forever...

Ingrid A.

(Ajax, Canada)

At 38 years old my husband and I started to try naturally to conceive. After a year of trying my FSH indicated that I was entering early menopause, so my family doctor recommended that I try cycle monitoring, which I did for six months to no avail. The fertility specialist that I was seeing through this family doctor told me that my FSH was way too high and that I would never have children, and to give up on my dream of ever being a mother.

A few years later, I met with Kelly and shared with her my struggles to date. She recommended that I go see her fertility specialist in Greece. My husband and I had considered going to the U.S. but found the cost to be significantly more than Greece.

Having gone through the infertility journey and IVF treatments herself, Kelly was able to provide
guidance around basic tests that were required here in Canada, including nutrition, exercise, basic
supplementation and overall emotional and mental support. Her knowledge helped me to form my
‘dream team’ of experts such as naturopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists, and acupuncturists in helping to prep my body to accept and hold the embryos. Her presence during my IVF treatment in Greece was an overwhelming support system for my husband and me.


I am proud to say that through Kelly’s knowledge, experience, support and coaching we were
successful with the pregnancy and ended up returning to Greece two years later for another IVF
treatment using our remaining frozen embryos. At 49 years of age I now have two beautiful girls age four and two and we are living a life-long dream of being parents. Thank you, Kelly, for changing our lives forever.

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