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I am a seven-time IVF survivor and at the age of 52, I had my one and only live birth, a beautiful precious girl.  


From the time I can remember, I wanted to be a mommy. My plan was to complete my studies, marry in my twenties and have children in my thirties. Like many young women, I wanted to meet Mr. Right first and go through all life’s stages just like everyone around me. That was not my fate. I met Mr. Right later in life and got married at the age of 38. That’s when my long fertility journey began.


My 13-year struggle with infertility included seven IVF cycles, six IUI’s, guidance via multiple natural cycles, countless alternative treatments, numerous miscarriages, spread over five fertility specialists on two continents. We also went through the adoption process. There wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do. In 2016, we were blessed with a miracle at the end of our long journey. I am an infertility survivor!


For more details about my story, click here.


Kelly Manoukas is President and Owner of Tomorrow’s Heroes. In October of 2000, Kelly started her consulting firm dedicated to providing parent-child services.


Tomorrow's Heroes is based in Toronto, Canada. Our mission is to provide support to couples and families via services that focus on the health and well-being of children and their parents/caregivers. Presently, we offer Fertility Coaching, Fertility/Reproductive Tourism and Zumbini Instruction, an early childhood education program designed to stimulate learning, inspire dance and movement, and strengthen the bond between parent and child (and with their peers through the school program).

Kelly Manoukas holds an Honours B.A. in Criminology and Sociology, specializing in
Family Dynamics, Mental health and Addictions (and a Minor in Greek) from the
University of Toronto, Certification as an ESL Teacher and Certification in Family
Work from George Brown College.

A seasoned professional with over 30 years of volunteer, government, non-profit and
private sector experience. Kelly has worked with diverse issues faced by community
agencies, dealing with homelessness, poverty, violence, illiteracy, women and
children’s issues. She has effectively developed and implemented several life skill
support programs for clients as well as, in-house training programs for employees.

This website is dedicated to my miracle baby, my spouse and my parents who stood by me through everything. It is also dedicated to the many women who walked in my shoes, who put their lives on hold to have children, who tried so hard to become moms and experienced grave pain, but no matter how much they tried or wanted to be, it did not happen for them. I honour you because you are all mothers at heart!


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“I truly believe that Kelly’s expertise and passion can help anyone trying to have a complete family.” - Maria K.

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